Monday, November 28, 2005

Sometimes it's the pain that makes you come back...

But Sir, the odds of you continually blogging successfully is approximately three thousand seven hundred and twenty to one!
All three of you that read this blog might wonder what was the cause of my lengthy hiatus from the blogosphere. I can tell you that it was nothing more serious than life itself. Uhm, not that I was in danger of ever losing mine (I dont think I was...the ninja are everywhere though so you never know) but I was just living it. Just living. But also, there was the few people who read and never comment...I was hoping I'd be able to discuss some things with people of similar interests and spark conversations deep and meaningful but I think I'm expecting too much of the medium. That's my fault. Im over that now. So. My apologies:

Moo moo...moo-moooo moo.


Turkey Day has come and gone but how I miss it so...
So my lovely wife Raquita made quite the spread for the thanksgivings day vittles. I mean, we ate like KINGS! Emperors!! Hedonistic Bastards, sucking the marrow from the bones of the holiday. It was GLORIOUS!!! And, blessed be, there were Leftovers!!!! She brined a turkey which involves a surpisingly complex process of soaking the bird in a few gallons of Salt water, vegetable broth and an array of spices. Then you bake the shit out of it. Then you Engorge yourself on it's succulent flesh. God, but that turkey was awesome. I wont even get into the OTHER stuff we had. It's We actually have a picture of the spread that I might post later on.

It's time to say it....Goodbye...Goodbye...
I had to get rid of my dog this weekend. Nyla was taking to the APA for adoption. Im sure she'll get adopted because she's a wonderful, beautiful dog. But we had to let her go. She was nervous around Cammy and then this weekend she tried to take our friends face off who foolishly tried to hug her. Now, normally you would think 'Why would the dog try to eat someone who hugs her?'. Well, Nyla had be nervous the past couple of weeks around everbody except for me. But I could just imagine if that had been Cammy and she had bitten her. I'd never been able to forgive myself. Ever. Nyla doesnt deserve that. She deserves a home where she can be happy. I think many people could give that to her. It still hurts but I know its the right thing to do.

Thats all for now cause the game is on and dinner is ready.
Thanks for listening. Or not.