Friday, July 28, 2006

The coolest cats in town!

I just discovered this comic and I HAD to put a link up to it. It's cats, guns, 1920s prohibition , set in STL and drawn by a local STL artist whose got more talent than you can shake two sticks at (not just one stick, we've upgraded!). It's called Lackadaisy and here's a pic of it just to give you an idea of what we're talking about. By all means hit her site up and bask in some of her art work. It really is good.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

I forgot one!

OH CRAP! Stop the Presses! There's a late entry!

  • Al. B Sure = Nite and Day: When this song came out, I was at a time in my life when I absolutely hated HATED R&B.  It drove me nuts.  But I heard this song and...well...I still hated R&B.  But I love this song.  It's cheesy, its sappy, its super-dated.  But I love it.  I used to imagine me and my friends being in a band singing this song.  Um...forget I said that.




(When you and I were one....*mmmm gurl*...)

A random list...

Hey all,


I was engaged in a conversation whilst listening to Yahoo Radio (which is a pretty cool free streaming music service that's a nice way to drown out your co-workers) and decided that I have a pretty interesting mix of songs that I like so I figured I'd post my top 20 favorite songs of all time, in the hopes that others would post theirs so that I might learn a little about the other person that comes and reads my blog (Hi Achilleus!)  Here it is in no particular order.


  1. Korn - Freak On a Leash:  What can you say about this song?  For a time at WashU I really liked Korn.  Well, I liked this album, and this song was kind of it's title track, wasn't it?  Couple that with a video that featured a bullet flying through all kinds of things and animation done by McFarlane (of Spawn fame) and I was hooked.
  2. Lauryn Hill - I used to Love Him: There is something about this song that calls to me.  For the life of me, I still don't listen to the actual lyrics.  The chorus in the background, the men and women humming behind the melody, just makes my spine shiver.  There is something old, and dark, and wonderful about it that makes this song just vibrate for me.  Mary J complaining about some man?  Surprise Surprise!
  3. Louis Armstrong = A kiss to build a dream on: Another classic.  It's ethereal, sweet, and timeless.  And it's a big black man talking about kissing and dreams.  Sounds like Me!
  4. George Clinton = Atomic Dog: This is one of my all time favorite P-Funk songs.  I was about to enter puberty when I heard this song for the first time, and when I figured out they weren't actually talking about dogs and cats, I felt like I had cracked some kind of sexual code.  PLUS it had a video with video games and cartoon dogs in it! SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!
  5. Alice In Chains = Rooster: Just a great, classic song for me.  Back in highschool, this song seemed to be such a statement about war and pain.  Then I figured out how to play it in the background while playing Fallout Tactics, and I will now forever think of slaying trolls with a machine gun when I hear this song....ahh, good times.
  6. Rob Base = It Takes Two: Rob Base! Classic Track!  He disappeared after this and Joy and Pain.  I remember listening to this song in summer camp when I was in like 7th grade or so, and thinking it was the greatest thing ever.  EVER.  I still get all jumpy when I hear it.
  7. D'Angelo = Cruisin': A remake of an old song that I personally will always remember as connected with my freshman year in college.  Still makes me smile.
  8. George Benson = On Broadway: George Benson totally owns this song.  I don't want to hear anybody else sing it.  Everytime I hear it, it makes me want to sing out loud, and annoy anybody who passes by.  Just a wonderful wonderful song.
  9. Black Star Featuring Mos Def and Talib Kweli = Thieves in the Night: There are some of my all time favorite rap lyrics in this song.  The melody haunts me everytime I hear it, and I love how Mos ends his verse by saying 'I'm trying to live my life in the sight of God's memory.'  One of my favorite hip-hop tracks.  Ever.
  10.  India Arie = Brown Skin: This song is a great tribute to her love for black men.  Not them light-skinned dudes who get all the love.  But us dark brothers.  Like me.  I don't know about you, but when I hear this song, I FEEL sexy....uhm...forget I said that...
  11.  Miles Davis = Kind of Blue: I know that's not a song, but a collection.  But I never listen to one song, but the whole damn thing, so all the tracks flow together as a movement, and a mood.  I'ts very hard for me to separate them so I wont.  Besides, this is MY list, Punk! BAG BACK!!
  12. Andre 3000 = She lives in my Lap:  While not technically rap, this rock/funk/whoknows song just has the right elements to make me listen every time: Strange background elements, interesting vocals, an artist going a completely new direction, and Rosario Dawson.  You cant Lose with that combination.  Remember when Outkast first came out with SouthernplayalisticCadillacfunkymusic?  Contrast that with ATLiens and with The Love Below/Speakerboxx.  Its just a trip how far people can move.
  13. Eric B & Rakim = I aint no joke: This is one the greatest classic hip hop tracks of all time.  I mean, I've loved this song since I knew what hip hop was.
  14. Red Hot Chili Peppers = Breaking the Girl:  My favorite track on one of the most influential records of my life.  This album defined my middle-school life and this track defined the album.  Just classic for me.  Also, who doesn't love flutes and shit in the background.  I need some flutes harmonizing on the minor key when Im talking.  Seriously.  Somebody needs to make this happen.
  15. Anoushka Shankar = Solea:  You have to hear the track. The daughter of Ravi Shankar and the sister of Nora Jones, this chick is beautiful and Talented, and she wields the sitar like a sword or a paintbrush, depending on the piece.  Here, I think she does both, and the rhythmic drumming in the background is something I've loved ever since I feel in love with Bolero all those years ago.  Simple? Maybe.  But it strikes the deep chord with me.
  16. Maxwell = For Lovers only: There are some wonderful, PRIVATE memories associated with this song.  That's all Imma say.
  17. Blackalicious = Chemical Calisthenics: The ultimate super nerd/rap song.  He's talking about Chemicals to refer to his rapping prowess.  I love this song so much it hurts sometimes.
  18. Common Feat. Mary J. Blige = Come Close: This is just a sweet, soft, soulful song, that I loved the minute I heard it.  It's a great summer song and it shows that rap doesn't have to be all bitches and hoes.  It can be 'I love that hoe-bitch' too!
  19. Gollums Song by Emil Toriana: This is from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and plays at the end of the movie.  I know, its sappy to do a movie song, but this one is so haunting and lovely for me.  Especially the lyrics.  'You are lost.  You can never go home.'  Just wonderful.  Hey, I can have my Emo moments! 
  20. O Brother Where art though Sountrack = Man of Constant Sorrows: When Oh Brother came out, I fell in love with Bluegrass music.  Not so much all the stuff they play now, but some of the old, haunting stuff that you can find on some lps and what not.  The movie itself was so wonderful, that me, Adam and Tambora absolutely loved the song.  While this song should be the official ringtone for Joe, the man of woe, it still makes me smile to hear it.  It's a toe tapper, for sure, and Im not just telling tales outta school.


That's it for now. The weekend fast approaches and none too soon. Can you believe it's August already?




Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Until I find the words...

I have a lot of things to say, to get off of my chest.  I saw my mother this weekend for the first time in nearly 2 years.  It called into question a lot of the things that I am still trying to work through.  I want to talk about it, but I want to understand it first, if that makes sense.  When I'm ready, I'll talk about it.  I'll share it.  Maybe someone can find some comfort in what I am discovering about myself and the relationship I have/had/trying to build with my mother.  But until then, I cant say much more than this;

I'm sorry mom.  I love you, and I wont leave you.  You're not alone.

I've already told her but maybe I had to tell myself too.

I don't know.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Terry Tate the Office Linebacker - The Office Linebacker

Oh...I just figured out how to embed the video! Welcome me to five minutes ago! *smacks forehead*


One more thing...

Oh sweet merciful God, I had forgotten!


Just click on the link...(not appropriate for the Office...)




The Clarion Call of Justice...passes me by...

Hey Akilles,


Remember the convo we just had (I say we cause nobody else participated in it but you) about the Superhero thing?  Well, check this out!  Apparently, the Sci-Fi channel, in conjunction with Stan  'I want to buy a new house so I'm whoring out my cash-cow again' Lee is doing a superhero Reality show.




They made up their own super heroes, with their own costumes and powers and 11 were chosen to go on this reality tv show like a mix between Big Brother and The Reject House of Doom Surreal Life.  But with super powers.


So unfair.  I was MADE for this show.  The Negromancer?  HOW BADASS WOULD I BE!?!  I could test the theory of whether or not America is ready for a big black man in a speedo and an afro wig Black Villain.


The show is called Who Wants to Be a Superhero and it has simultaneously made and ruined my day in one powerful strike.


I don't know whether to laugh or to cry, but I'll definitely watch.  I mean, one of them is called Fat Mama, who happens to be....wait for it....a Fat Black Woman...Again...laugh or cry?


Anyway, The Negromancer would TOTALLY PWN them ALL! No doubt.


Of course, the Negromancer's weakness are his inability to focus on any task for longer than 10 minutes (the dreaded ADD) so maybe not.  But I still would totally rock and stuff... without a doubt I'd be the - OH LOOK! A DUCK!


I like ducks





Friday, July 07, 2006

The Order of the Stick is my new Happy Funtime

I've been reading this one today and This particular comic hit me hard with the funny. I'd say a critical strike, actually, of hilarity.

Enjoy and have a good weekend!



Thursday, July 06, 2006

One word to describe you..

What is one word that describes you best, and why?


I ask this question of you because it took me some time to come up with one for me, since Weirding (a verb, to make something weird) isn't really a word.




in·tri·cate   Audio pronunciation of "Intricate" ( P )  Pronunciation Key  (ntr-kt)

  1. Having many complexly arranged elements; elaborate. See Synonyms at elaborate.
  2. Solvable or comprehensible only with painstaking effort. See Synonyms at complex.


[Middle English, from Latin intrctus, past participle of intrcre, to entangle, perplex  : in-, in; see in-2 + trcae, perplexities, wiles.]

intri·cate·ly adv.
intri·cate·ness n.

[Download Now or Buy the Book]

Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.


adj : highly involved or intricate; "the Byzantine tax structure"; "convoluted legal language"; "convoluted reasoning"; "intricate needlework"; "an intricate labyrinth of refined phraseology"; "the plot was too involved"; "a knotty problem"; "got his way by labyrinthine maneuvering"; "Oh, what a tangled web we weave"- Sir Walter Scott; "tortuous legal procedures"; "tortuous negotiations lasting for months" [syn: Byzantine, convoluted, involved, knotty, labyrinthine, tangled, tortuous]


Look at those synonyms....Im definitely knotty, tangled, Byzantine (wow! I need to grow one of those square beard thingies), and my wife would agree that, at times, I can be tortuous (I cant help it if I like to ask questions that people couldn't possibly know the answer to! Be creative and make shit up! Works for me!)


So whats YOUR word? (I ask this like people who come here and read this blog actually leave comments...)


Benticore (Byzantine Torturer with a Labyrinthine mind and a convoluted vocab...)


Monday, July 03, 2006

Hero or Villain?

Ever since I was a young kid, I liked dramatic tension


I saw you roll your eyes.  Just then.  You totally did.  And for good reason.  That's a pretty eye-roll worthy opening sentence to a blog.  But let me explain first.


When I was a kid, there was always something about a hero that was in trouble, a villain that wasn't easily pigeonholed as evil, a protagonist that didn't have the world going for him, that always appealed to me.  It's why I liked Garfield but hated Heathcliff, why Woody Woodpecker and Bugs Bunny usually made me grind my teeth in frustration, but I had a soft spot for Daffy Duck and why Empire Strikes Back is still my all-time favorite movie.  Sometimes, I think it's good to have the Villain win, just to show that he's not a paper tiger.  What's the use of having a villain so easily distinguishable as evil that he can be destroyed by the heroic forces with no real thought to what MIGHT have been?  It bored me at a young age, but I never really understood why.


These thoughts on heroes and villains and what not had been meandering around the vast, broken landscape of my mind when I was engaged in a conversation about the new Superman movie and my constant consternation (say THAT five times fast!) that nobody would cast Lex Luthor as a black man, like they innovative genius behind Superman: The Animated Series did.  I was told that this would be a horrible idea because it would perpetuate the myth that Black = Evil in many peoples eyes.  I wholeheartedly disagreed.  Then the person said, if they wanted to shake things up, they'd make the black guy the hero and the white guy the villain.  I didn't have to heart to tell my friend (who happens to be white) that this isn't really breaking the mold for many black people who consider THE MAN, that nefarious entity that controls everything from you lights getting shut off (irregardless of whether you paid the bill) to getting fired from you job for doing stupid shit like Xeroxing your bare ass and emailing it company wide, a fact of life.


But, as many meaningless conversations do, it got me thinking (I know, I know, OH CRAP, HERE HE GOES AGAIN...)


Is the world really ready for a Black Super Villain?  In Mass Market?


The reason why I loved Lex Luthor from the animated series, was because he was Competent, Ruthless, Ambitious, Creative, Strong, Attractive, and HELL BENT ON WHOOPING SUPERMAN'S ASS.  Think about that.  Superman can see your cells divide from OUTER SPACE!  His strength is LITERALLY EXPONENTIAL, meaning that the harder he strains, the stronger he gets!  He could move the PLANET if he really wanted to.  He ran THE FLASH down in a one on one race, a man who can vibrate his body into DIFFERENT DIMENSIOJNS.  And this black man wants to kill him and is thwarted only by strategic plot designs cleverly placed by the hero-loving writers.  Talk about go-getum!


Why do I want a black villain so bad?  A black supervillain?  Well, maybe it's because I'm tired of seeing black people portrayed as the feisty, do-it-my-way, bad-boy Cop, or the older, wiser, mentor to the young, do-it-my-way, bad boy (insert tired Hollywood cliché here).  We've seen a Blackman as president (right before the world damn near got destroyed by an asteroid), as God (who appeared mostly as a Janitor, and was coincidentally Morgan Freeman), as a super hero of sorts (Blade anyone....I GUESS That counts right?  Sort of?  How about Xmen?  Halle Berry?....maybe not...ugh..), plenty of wise cracking cops (from Will Smith, all the way back to Eddy Murphy and even before that I'm sure), and even a whack ass villain (Sam Jackson in Unbreakable...blech...)  But a REAL super villain?  One that would make you say, wow...that guy is badass....Like Darth Vader Badass?  Badass enough where the story didn't have to be how the villain had been beaten down because he was black an now wanted to get revenge, or some crap like that.  A real story.  With a REAL VILLAIN, who's motivations are power, and greed, but has the skill and the temerity and conviction to actually carry out his threats, to the point where only a superhero could even THINK of stepping up.  Where is THAT villain?  If we were given that kind of villain, instead of the Matrixy Wise-woman, Morpheus crap we've been fed, would we say, HEY THERES A BLACK GUY WHO'S A VILLAIN!!  Or HEY, THERE"S A KICKASS VILLAIN!!  He's black too!   I don't know


What do you think?  Are we ready for a Black Super Villain?  If so, what would you like him to be like?  What would you want him (or her) to say, to do?


Have a great July 4th!



(and the Evil Negromancer)