Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The gleaming, spitting Mirror; The Neverending Work Week; Your Ho roscopes (Courtesy of The Onion)

      I saw Mirrormask last night with Tambora and Gikin.  I enjoyed it.  I thought the story was interesting, if traditional, and the main character had enough pluck to keep me from yawning.  The plot developed well and the visuals were intriguing and at times stunning but my earlier guess of it being Dali-Esque was fairly on-point.  Not a  bad thing but a little much at times.  The editing was strange...jumping from spot to spot at times rather hastily.  If you like the movie Labyrinth you will enjoy this one too.  And, to my inestimable relief, it is NOTHING like the story that I am currently writing.  It gave me some ideas about fleshing out my main character more, but they really aren't similar at all.  THAT made me almost weep in relief.


      This week seems to be dragging on and on and on....and a song on the radio that you wish you could fast forward to because you know something better is about to come on.  Why not change stations?  You do and they're all playing the same freakin song...not a horrible song but one you're tired of...Like a KEM song....Love Calls....not a bad song in and of itself but how many times have you Heard that bitch? week like That ' that chall....


      Oh and I jacked these from so if you wanna see some more hilarious stuff, go there...but I had to grab these cause they had me laughing on the floor.


Your Horoscope

October 12, 2005 | Issue 41*41

Aries March 21 - April 19

Most people are ignorant, dull, and impulsive, so even at your age, you should be able to find a spouse.

Taurus April 20 - May 20

The stars are becoming a little upset at your constant pestering about the future. Would it kill you to maybe loosen up a little and live for the moment?

Gemini May 21 - June 21

You would in fact leave for Canada right this minute if it didn't mean leaving the only nation on Earth with the vision to teach squirrels to water-ski.

Cancer June 22 - July 22

Fad or not, the high-protein, meat-heavy diet thing seems to work for you, but that could be just part of the benefits of being a two-ton Kodiak bear.

Leo July 23 - August 22

Your life will become somewhat easier when you learn that money and food are often kept inside of those little cars you see parked here and there with the pizza signs affixed to their roofs.

Virgo August 23 - September 22

You've known since you were very young that you were different from all the others, but still, you find it maddening that they usually put the naked people where they are very difficult to watch.

Libra September 23 - October 23

You've never been afraid to try new things, at least not as such. You're afraid of the special Church-controlled hit squad that finds people trying new things and gives them two behind the ear.

Scorpio October 24 - November 21

You'll become a pariah and cast out from the company of decent people when it become clear that nothing will in fact change the way you look at tooth-whitening mouthwash forever.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21

You're the one who knows where all the bodies are buried, but that's only because trucks arrive at all hours and bury bodies in your yard, and the truck drivers always make you sign for them.

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

While it may be true that the emperor has no clothes, you should have taken into consideration how remarkably well-clothed, and well-armed, all his bodyguards seem to be.

Aquarius January 20 - February 18

There's nothing holding you back from achieving your wildest dreams, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that stronger and more restrictive gun laws are badly needed.

Pisces February 19 - March 20

You always knew you'd be sent straight to Hell when your time came, but you never thought they'd make you go there in a tacky white Hummer limousine.






Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Good reason to start weining yourself off Meat...

On NPR today, Diane Rhem talked about Cloning animals for food production and how, while genetically modified crops were pretty much already in the American foodstream, Cloned meats would be coming soon.  While the meat and dairy industry are basically saying everything is hunky-dory, some people don't trust an industry that has the audacity to feed it's livestock the ground up sick animals it can't use (Matrix, anyone?).  But the thing that caught my ear was the fun fact that if and when (really just a matter of when) these meats and dairy come onto the market, there will be NO LABELING as to the fact that it came from genetically modified or cloned animals.  They say that you wont be able to tell the difference and you'll enjoy it just the same.  I just have to ask you, who do you trust?  The FDA?  The Meat Packing Industry?

            Maybe in the future, cloned meat will be the way to go.  But it has to be seriously evaluated and studied.  Something our culture isn't too keen on.


            Just passing through...enjoy your hamburger! =0)




Monday, October 10, 2005

I aint got nuttin to say...

      I lied.

      I have plenty to say.

      When do I NOT have something to say?

      But today, I'd like to observe a moment of silence.


      Thank you.




(With every worthless word we get more far away)


Saturday, October 01, 2005

Little Dogs, New Toys, Crashing Ships, and a list at the Silver Screen...

This weekend already looks to be interesting. First
of all, there has been a new and,
TEMPORARY addition to the family. As we (me and the
missus) was drivin along on Airport road, she leans to
me and says, 'Oh what a cute puppy.' To which I,
suffering from a horrible migraine and slouching in
the passenger seat ask, 'What dog?'. 'Wanna turn
around and see it?' she asks me? I nod and we turn
around. What we find is a little baby pit bull, the
color of light and milk chocolate, like a chocolate
cow might look. The poor thing can't be more than 6
months old and is horribly malnurished. No collar,
and rooting around for food. None of the neighbors or
people around seem to know who's dog it is but admit
to seeing her running around, going through garbage.
Me and the missus debate about whether or not to take
her to the vet or leave her there. Then, when my wife
picks her up, the little pooch kisses her. She's
really a sweet puppy, if totally NOT housebroker and
very loving. The minute the dog, licked her face, she
couldn't say no. Wow...never thought I'd be typing
THAT in my blog...

I got my new phone yesterday (uh...yesterday being
wednesday because it's still friday and I dont count
friday because I had a headache. Anyway, I got me a
grand spankin new Treo 650, with all the bells and
whistles and what not. Its a pretty good phone, all
to be told, although it is a bit quiet when Im
talking. So I got my new Celly...with new
digits....for those that want em, holla atcha boy and
I'll come up on them digits.

Saw Serenity Tonight. I liked it a lot. I was close
to loving it until near the end when....wait, I dont
want to spoil it for those who've see it, but lets
just say, people die, not the people you think Will
die, and this may or may not fuck up your whole night.
But still, I liked the movie alot and am glad that
Whedon was able to make his vision come true. How
good would Firefly have been in 4 seasons? Who knows.
It never got a fair shake. Mores the pity...but that
brings me to one point I noticed whilst perveying the
previews; There are a shitload of hot new movies
comign out this fall and winter. I mean, movies that
could have conceivably come out this summer to make
the summer movie season not suck so much donkey

Lets see, on the short list of movies I'm going to see
are; Chronicles of Narnia, the
full trailer. I just gotta read The Lion the Witch
and the Wardrobe again cause its been like 15 years.
I dont remember shit about that thing. Seriously.
Nothing. There was a lion....uh...and a witch....and
a closet with clothes in it. Maybe. What else...oh
yeah, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, of course.
Jarhead, which is a movie adaptation of a book, which
I havent read but heard about on NPR and thought it
sounded really good. Jake Ghlynynyhl or however you
spell his damn name, and Jamie Fox. And some other
people I dont care to recall. What else. Oh yes, who
can forget Mirrormask, the movie that Neil Fucking
Gaiman plucked out of my soul and made into a full
motion Dali painting on steroids. I love Neil Gaiman,
and Im just jealous. What else. A Scanner
Darkly....Keanu being Neo, but drawn instead of
overacted. But probably overacted anyway...more
Phillip K. Dick for dat ass. Those are just a few.
There are more that I MIGHT see in the theater, but
most likely am just frontin like a punk now and when I
think about spending the dough to see the flick when
it comes out, will awkwardly make an excuse and walk
the other way.

Long Post, I dont care.
PokerNight tomorrow (Later today, really) IF people
show up. Stupid people dont want to lose their money
to me.
Vet tomorrow for the new dog my wife has taken to call
Puddin. *Shrug* We'll see what the vet says about
her health.

I'm going to bed...I'd talk to you more but then I'd
have to fall asleep.

'If I'm not back in five minutes and you haven't heard
from me, you take this ship and you come and rescue
me. I mean that. I'm not getting left behind.'
Malcolm Reynolds, Serenity