Wednesday, September 07, 2005

George Bush doesn't care about black people...

Kanye West uttered those words on National TV Friday (NBC) and, amoung most black people, uttered a fact that has been blatantly obvious for years.  I heard Obama talk about Kanye's point, shift it, and polish it until it shined with a health PC glow, saying the Bush doesnt have much sympathy for the economically challeneged.  I'd put the two together.
Here are a couple of things I've been hearing through the media that have made my eye twitch...
Dont use the word Refugees on Americans cause we don't like the image it evokes...
I've heard this stated a lot of different ways in a lot of different media channels in the past few days.  All I can say, as I shake my head in disbelief is 'Are you fucking serious?'  I can understand why this might offend or disturb delicate American self-images, the 'Pull up the boot-straps, Can-Do' American Gusto still a thick veil pulled over the eyes of the priveleged as they gaze upon the 'Lazy, unmotivated poor'.  But there are a lot of things that America as a country does that doesn't offend simply because we aren't forced to deal with it.  Calling them refugees is technically correct and, more importantly shoves the whole ugly mess right under our noses where it's stench cannot be ignored.
What made Nawlins so special was it's mixture of cultures where you had the French quarter right next to the less well off.  If they rebuild, they might not keep the same mix that made the place so great.
Am I losing my mind or did you just tell me that the reason why you love New Orleans so much is because you can mingle with the ridiculously poor and downtrodden black populace that rings the city but not have to actually care who they are or what they do?  I wonder if the hundreds of thousands of poor bastards that have fled the city really thought it was so charming, seeing their abject poverty shoved in their faces time and time again by a partying touring populace.  Maybe I'm wrong.  It just made my eye twitch.
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Daimushi said...

This blog is so true, so serious. I know I'm gonna catch a hell of alot of flack for this, but I agree that part of what made New Orleans special was the mixing of groups. Now, I'm not saying that I never thought about how poor and destitue most of the city was; it's actually an inescapable fact. It was however, a real city, cobbled together through time and history. What's worse, a city where you are forced at every turn to confront the grinding poverty that is the lot of so many Americans, or one where all of the poor are kept far away in "that part" of the city, where you can go about your life in blissful ignorance?
That said, what the world needs is to form "a human chain of love". Carl Lewis has shown me the way, and here it is...

Aeshema the Fury said...

Damn you Daimushi for bringing intelligent and thoughtful comments to my righteous rant! How dare you make me challenge the very things that I speak from my own mouth? Know not ye that my words, verily I say unto thee, are thick with portent??

But you're right. IT is much worse to have poverty confined in a corner where it can be not thought St. Louis is sometimes. But I just hate the feeling of my people being on display. And I say my people to mean black people, not necessarily poor people, which is a whole other psychoanalytical blog waiting to happen.

See dawg, this is why I miss you. You challenge me on my bullshit...even when I hate it... =0)


CousinSarah said...

Benticore...ditto. I hadnt really thought about the refugee piece in the way you phrased it, but that is a good way to put it. I just dont know what ot say. Bush is the devil--I mean I seriously think its a possibility. I have posted this on too many blogs already, but there are just too many indicators that he may be...that he may have a hand in bringing about the apocolypse. I dont know if it really matters where Kanye said...i am just damn glad people are finally talkin. It is a fuckin shame it too this for us to start to mobilize some conversation at the very least...lets hope there is action to follow.