Monday, January 22, 2007

As the chair turns...

I forgot to post the new pic of the blank canvas-in-chair-form that I've been working on so forgive the lateness. I mixed up two greens and a white in an attempt to reach a mysterious eastern jade, set beneath a failing sun.

Cbabi said to me 'thats a nice green you've got there.'

Yes. Yes it is.

What is the final goal? I still haven't the foggiest notion but I might go to Hobby Lobby for few supplies and some wild ideas that I can steal.



Feemus said...

that IS very nice.

How come I can't ever find your other blog?

Aeshema the Fury said...

Cause I'm a hard to find dude!

Actually, it's cause I'm too lazy to update my links and I keep the blogger account as well so when I comment on your site it just brings you back to mine.

My new, current site is

Most of the posts (and the Cool music is on there) but I can post from my phone Here so I'm dual wielding!


Feemus said...

dual wielding? Wow.

I tried dual welding once, but I burnt my hand with a soldering iron.

off the blaquepen for some Epic Black Villainy.