Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Good reason to start weining yourself off Meat...

On NPR today, Diane Rhem talked about Cloning animals for food production and how, while genetically modified crops were pretty much already in the American foodstream, Cloned meats would be coming soon.  While the meat and dairy industry are basically saying everything is hunky-dory, some people don't trust an industry that has the audacity to feed it's livestock the ground up sick animals it can't use (Matrix, anyone?).  But the thing that caught my ear was the fun fact that if and when (really just a matter of when) these meats and dairy come onto the market, there will be NO LABELING as to the fact that it came from genetically modified or cloned animals.  They say that you wont be able to tell the difference and you'll enjoy it just the same.  I just have to ask you, who do you trust?  The FDA?  The Meat Packing Industry?

            Maybe in the future, cloned meat will be the way to go.  But it has to be seriously evaluated and studied.  Something our culture isn't too keen on.


            Just passing through...enjoy your hamburger! =0)




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Queue said...

ummm... don't help me go back to our no meat ways... WE can get to a fish only existence but that has its issues too. We should live on Tofu and twizzlers