Tuesday, May 23, 2006


that everything you touch turns to mud in your hands.

that everything you see decays even as you watch.

that the light burns and the darkness blinds you.

you cant breathe and you're not sure you want to remember how.

you are surviving on coffee and water and pepto bismol tablets and any plastic that is small enough to chew on.

the pressure in your neck and behind your eyes makes you want to share that pressure with anybody near enough to reach and slow enough to be caught.


Imagine that you cant see a way out of your own mind.


Imagine that you take a second, and pray;

            For strength

            For peace

            For Hope

            For a moment that lets you breathe without screaming


Imagine that you feel that moment, that breath, enter your heart.



Imagine that you KNOW things will get better.

Imagine that it doesn't hurt so much to smile anymore.

Imagine the pressure lessening in your gut, despite the acid of the coffee eating at its walls.



Imagine that you look to your left, and you see your loved one still not breathing, still writhing in stress

Imagine that you touch them, and breathe into their lungs, their mouth, their mind, as breath was put into yours.


Imagine the smile that they give you, weary, unsure, pained, but still a smile.

Imagine them nodding to you, and you dig back in.


Imagine all that....got it?



THAT is my day before noon.

Welcome to my world.






achilleus said...

dude - you need to come over and let me help you beat things with steel. best sublimating you'll ever do.


CousinSarah said...

Dude, you seriously need a vacation. And can you take me with you please cause uh I felt that a lil too much.