Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tagged by Q

I AM: Trying to align the reality of myself, physically, emotionally, spiritually, with the vision I have in my head.  It's hard, ugly, sweaty work.`
I WANT: To finish my book.  So badly.  I still have other novels I want to write.

I WISH: I could make my wife feel as beautiful as she is.  My poetry just aint cutting it.

I HATE: When I feel like I cant do anything right and that everything I touch is doomed to crumble

I MISS: Being debt, 8th grade was great!
I HEAR: Buena Vista Social Club, my boss stalking the isles before our meeting,
I WONDER: What my daughter will think of me when she grows up.

I REGRET: Not doing better in college, despite the distractions.  They were really just convenient excuses.  Actually, I regret not taking the time to figure out what I REALLY wanted to do.  It still eludes me to this day.
I AM NOT: As fearless as my wife about our future, financially, but Im working to make us more prepared.
I DANCE: but not enough with my wife.  Stress keeps cutting in.
I SING: whenever I play guitar, which was last night, outside with Cammy.  The neighbors gave me a quick review of my talents but shutting their windows.
I CRY: Only in my head.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: Easy to get along with.  I need things, physical contact and intimacy, and sometimes I go about getting them in the wrong ways.
I WRITE: not nearly enough to  finish my book, and not well enough to really like what I read, but enough to want to improve, and enough to keep trying to do more.
I CONFUSE: Everyone around me when I speak my unedited thoughts in a continuous stream.
I NEED: To not lose focus
I SHOULD: Be working.
I START: Asking questions as they appear in my head, even if I know you couldn't possibly know the answer.
I FINISH: Very few things before a new distraction floats past my eyes.  Welcome to ADHD
I TAG: Whoever actually reads this blog.





Raquita said...

I love you

your poetry keeps me going, never stop writing it and letting me in that way. Its is one of my favorite doorways.

I'm not fearless, I wish I was though...

daimushi said...

ok, I have been tagged. What does that mean? I think the omiya police did that to me the other night...

Benticore said...

It means you have to answer the questions...just cut and paste and then put it in your own blog. And Call Chris.

tAnYeTTa said...

You said:
I MISS: Being debt, 8th grade was great!