Wednesday, June 28, 2006

When the mind starts to go...

You start to remember things long forgotten.


No, Im not dying.  Um, At least, I don't think I am.  I just have an ugly migraine and I'm fighting off the siege warfare that is an oncoming cold.  But as I thought about posting today, I realized that there were some random things that haven't crossed my mind in awhile.  Here are a few.


I had another blog, a Cubson Bearfield, PI blog, awhile back, that I was writing on but never got off the ground.  I need to redo that.


WHY GOD WHY Are they turning so many video games into movies?  It's just horrendous.  From the atrocious Bloodrayne, to the ridiculous Resident Evil movies, the upcoming Dead or Alive movie with Eric Roberts (the Ultimate B-lister and straight-to-dvd heaedliner), we've got a Castlevania movie, a Dungeon Siege Movie, a GTA Movie, a Halo movie, and God knows what else.  I can understand why people steal movies online.  Be asked to pay 11-15 dollars to see this crap is outrageous.  The mindset of Hollywood, where a studio cant make a movie in a new direction unless someone else has done it first, and then they can all get on the horse, rape it to death and beat its corpse into mush, is mind-numbingly cowardly, even if it is 100% understandable.  That this attitude is also finding its way into video games, is a travesty that many could see coming a long time ago.  I saw it coming but refused to believe, so I guess the jokes on me.  Seriously though, Go look up on and check out some of the stuff that's in filming or post-production.  I threw up in my mouth a couple of times.


On a related note (my, I think this might be turning into a rant) HOW IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY DOES SHAWN AND MARLON WAYANS KEEP GETTING GREENLIGHTED TO MAKE THEIR MOVIES?!?  Unless they're coming out of pocket for all the filming and what not, a studio is PAYING for their horribly wack-ass movies.  And this little-man movie, with marlon as a midget who tries to pass himself off as an abandoned baby was done before.  BY BUGS BUNNY!!!!  I just...I mean, I KNOW there are hundreds of thousands of talented screenwriters and novelists, penning incredible, amazing stories that would make incredible, genre-changing movies.  But we get National Lampoons Pledge This!


Question; Is there such thing as a truly selfless act?  Discuss.  I don't think there is, really.  Even if you sacrifice yourself for you worst enemy, you still get the satisfaction of doing something morally righteous.  What do YOU think?


Our tenant is buying a house which will soon give us unprecedented room but eliminate his helpful rent from our budget and increase our utility bills.  Somebody said that we could let Spoken and Rocky and Dwayne live up there.  The laughter was immediate, bitter, and long-lasting.


Coughing with a Migraine is truly an exercise in fortitude because it's very easy to pass out.


Im going to get lunch for the wife and bring it to her like the dutiful husband I am.  Yes, I like the collar master has picked for me...



Out (of his mind!!)

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CousinSarah said...

They get to keep making movies cause they are willing to put on the minstrel show that they are looking for. Damn shame. I know.

We are a society now absorbed in violence as far as I am concerned. So rather than reinvent a nice round wheel, they use someone else's bad idea of a video game and give it a script. That shit irritates me too homie. Me too. Quality in hollywood in general is hard to find right now. Good night and Good Luck is one of the best movies in years. Didnt make nearly the money some of the other stupid movies made. We dont wanna think as a society, we just wanna be fuckin entertained.

I agree, I dont know if there is a selfless act. There is a good feeling in helping others. Even when it is sacrifice to you. You know that you have done something to make the world for someone, or in general a little easier. There is comfort in that, as well as the challenge of not being able to help everyone.

Sorry to hear about the migrain. Those really really suck.

What a good husband you are to bring your beautiful wife lunch. Can you let her come down and cook me somethin cause I cant and she can and that would be great. lol.