Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Undeniable proof of deniability...

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So, early this morning, Stanley Williams was executed in California for the murder of 4 people about thirty years ago.  I don't know whether he was guilty or not; while he was convicted of the crime, there are plenty of black men in prison and on death row that are being held for crimes they didn't commit, and there are plenty who deserve to be right where they are.  That's not my point today.  My question is this:  At some point in the past, the incarceratory system we use in this country was decided to be not only a punishment for crimes done but a way to rehabilitate criminals and help them return to society as changed men and women who could contribute to the human endeavor with positive results.  If one takes a look at the late Mr. Williams deeds in the past several years, you might see his award for winning the Nobel Peace prize as well as his endeavors to halt the violence that the gang he himself created so long ago (the Crips) has perpetuated on inner city blacks in Los Angeles for years.  How does one judge rehabilitation?  How can you rule on a change of heart and its sincerity?  I'm sure Mr. Williams had no desire to die.  But was his conversion an act?  Was it the sign of a soul ready to come back to the life of American Society, healed and whole?  I don't know.  What do you think?


Also, the death penalty is a silly way to "Even the Score" with criminals.  He was convicted of murdering four people.  You can't kill him four times, nor can you bring back the lives of those he was convicted of taking.  I've heard the death penalty defended as a strong deterrent against crime, as well as lauded as means for the victims to get a sense of closure.  But how does having your child's killer bring any closure other than the fact that another person has been unwillingly shoved from our existence?  I'm not sure.  If something (God Forbid) happened to Cammy and I was asked how I wanted the man or woman responsible punished, I'm not sure I could make such a statement.  So much in our lives depends on the circumstances we find ourselves in at the moment we are asked to make that decision.  What do you think?


Filling the moments...

I just wanted to also mention that I'm working on Flash at work and its coming along pretty well and I'm happy with the pace I'm learning at.  Also, the novel, while put on hold for the moment, still fills my heart with joy at the prospects of finishing it and editing it.  I'm in love with the story.  The characters I'm beginning to like a little more and I have to be careful not to try and do too much too soon but I'm still pretty excited about it.  Also, I'm sexy today with my powder blue pinstripe shirt and broken glasses.  Just thought you should know.


Puppy Countdown...

I think we might be at like T-minus 15 days or so.  It's really contingent on when we move to Grandma's house which depends on when she moves to her daughters house and when we clean the place up and paint a little bit.  I'm excited about that too.  Also, I'm really sexy today...you just have no idea....It's ridiculous...honestly, if I started to kiss my own hands, I wouldn't be too surprised.


Daimushi Updates...

I've heard from Daimushi after Hank visited him.  Apparently he's still recovering from the extreme partying and pimping he and Hank did to represent the Pantheon.  But he'll have tales to tell, my friends.  Many tales.  So we just gotta be calm and let him get his thing done.....




|Heard the bass ride out like an ancient mating call|

|I can't take it yall|

|I can feel the city breathing|

|Chest heaving against the flesh of the evening|

|Kiss the eyes goodbye|

|I'm on the last train leaving|

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