Thursday, March 16, 2006

Attacked from all sides, in all directions....

Hey all,


I just read an interesting and maddening article on GNN that I really wanted to share with all the parents out there.  It talks mainly about the astronomical cost of College level education in the United States and how, not only is this a travesty of justice but an actual social control to keep down dissent amoung young people who are coming to realize in droves that the system is not trying to help them but really trying to create a new peasant class in America.


If you're working towards getting a University Degree and have ridiculous amounts of debt, do you feel the quality of classes you are taking is worth the price you are paying?  Is it worth paying the equivalent of a HOUSE note for 30 YEARS?  To those who have just graduated- Do you feel like you degree has given you a leg up in your field? How is the job Market?  To those going into the University School Loan system - What kind of terms are in your loan?  How much interest and principal do you have to pay for the life of the loan?  Is it a variable interest rate?


Why is it that the Price of Education has increased all across the board, even as the QUALITY of same said education has decreased, as well as the salaries of teachers of said education?


Be Aware.


Im still trying to decide whether or not I want to send my child to a University in America if I can help it.

Hell, 10 years from now I might not be living in the country, the way things are going.  Is that cowardice?  I'm not Abraham.  Im not willing to sacrifice my child on the Altar of 'Improving America' if I have a chance to put her in a better place than I am, even if that means putting her in a Different place.


Think about it and hit me back...




(The revolution will not only be televised, but it will be market-researched, directed, produced, merchandized, publicized, commercialized, and available on DVD)


Akilles said...

Yer hitting close to things I've been wrapping the ol' noodle round these days

We hear frequently of recent post PhDs who can't find jobs; the MASSIVE federal budget cuts mean NO money for research which is the backbone of the current model for all Universities AND MEdical Schools (I work in the latter). What happens then?

Massive paradigm shift.

Yes, our little girls are worthy of far better than this.

**this has been a Dad-to-Dad communication; if you have recieved this in error we ask that please LEARN from it and pass it on**

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