Monday, March 27, 2006

A love manifest in the absence of the cherry blossom...

Hey all,

I was going to write this blog yesterday but I got home from Embocca very tired.  One of the reasons for the change in picture quality here lately is the fact that the onboard flash on the Camera broke (an apparent problem with this pentax camera model) and the only flash I could find here in Japan is like $200 bucks.  So I can only take pictures in really good light.  I got some good ones of the Cherry Blossom party though, but there are some other things that I didnt get pictures of.  Some are minor, yes, but I still need to explain them.  I promise I will but we're about to leave the house so I can take pictures of cherry blossoms today so you'll get the full treastise on the Cherry Blossom Party, Sumo Wrestling in the Park, Being Given a gift of Old Nike Jordans, Drinking WAY WAY WAY too much Shochu, Hitting on random girls in train stations, Eating Okonomiaki, the absolute wonderful natures and spirits that area Shinji and Jun, Ryou, Masami and Takeshi, and all the other people in Embocca that have given me so many gifts, and my strong desire to come back here next year with my family so they can meet the people I met, and we can form our international family, building on the strong strong bonds that Adam has so skillfully crafted.  Embocca was a place he just wandered into.  Now they refuse to let him go, they want to marry a japanese girl, and stay forever.  He has that effect on people.  Its why he's my best friend.  One of the hardest things I've ever done was give him my 100% blessing to go to Japan.  To say dont go would have been the ultimate in selfish acts and I love him like a brother and knew this was the path he needed to take.  But dont think I didn't feel it every once and again.  So this small post is really a thanks to Adam, for letting me stay in his place, hang out with his roommates, eating his food, taking up a gang of space in his room, making nice with his japanese friends, accompanying him to Embocca and all points beyond, and generally being an excellent host.  I know he had to sacrifice a lot to get the time to share with me on this trip and it will never be forgotten.

Kenpai to Adam!

(The phrase 'There are no words to express the joy and thanks I feel' doesnt translate well but It keeps coming from my mouth...)


Raquita said...

cannot sleep, your return is too close,okay while romantic that's not entirely true, Cammy is not sleeping well, alas then I am not sleeping well, i chalk it up to our universe being incomplete I'm sure itwill be better when you are here to get up with her.
Tell Adam how greatful I am - he should already know as he is the only person I will let think they love you as much as I do..

Akilles said...

eloquently stated and just what is in all of our hearts about this man, Adam.

another year, eh?

come home safe, J.