Wednesday, August 10, 2005

California Dreamin', The Last Scion, Car Envy, Where's my gun, I hate flying, Home at last...

Okay so I'm back.
This is just a teaser...I'll talk about all that crap later...raquita will too, I'm sure, and sooner than I will.
Fam is good and visited.  We visited the heck out my fam.
Cali is still Cali.  Lots of smog and silicon, traffic and tacos, beaches and bums.
Got lots of stories and lots of pics but now aint the time...maybe when I've gotten over the Jet Lag and exhaustion.
Just wanted to let you all know me and mines is doin fine.
Oh, and any time a 1300sq ft house goes for $500'000 in your area, yeah dog, your shit is overpriced...

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