Monday, August 29, 2005

Pud'n, do you know what tough love is?

Relatively uneventful weekend.  Had some a poet in from London who did the local spots and shared in some home cooked viddles.  Spent some time on the computer indulging in my WOW addiction...prolly too much time.  Cooked and cleaned and cleaned and cooked.  Aside from that, it was a pretty laid back weekend...
Didnt have the poker night, which I explained to Super Joe, was probably a good think since this way he'd have enough moeny to buy gas and get home.  The man studies the game and still can't beat me.  Sometimes you just got to have it.  Whats that?  The Skillz, be they Ill, Sick, Crazy, Dope or otherwise.
Daimushi, if you don't post soon, I will come over there and sodomize you with a get to it!
(...Cause sometimes love hurts...and I love you Alot, Pudn...)

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Daimushi said...

The new post is up!