Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Champion Requiem

I'm happy.

No, not just happy. Right now, I'm Joyous. Its a sort of peaceful contentment that seems to be ebbing and flowing out of me, like some kind of invisible aura or electric field. I feel like if I hugged someone, they'd be happy too. It's strange and tingly and wonderful.

I've also had a cup of coffee. That might be it. But I dont think so.

My mother is feeling better. She called me last night to inquire where I was and how come I hadn't visited her on Monday. We really were exhausted and Cammy was too, so we just ate, put her to bed and rested for a minute. I want to be UP for my mother, so I figured seeing her today would be better. Plus I can bring Cammy, who will no doubt be the hit of the nursing home. I think hearing my mother's voice, strong, and slightly testy as she talked to me last night made me happier than my reptilian male brain knows how to comprehend. So today, I'm just happy. It's a nice feeling.

Because Mos Def is one of my favorite hip-hop stars of all time, and his song Champion Requiem is one of my favorite songs, I wanted to post some lyrics that seemed to speak to me these past couple of weeks. *OH SHIT! Tru3 Magic out in September?* SWEEEEEEEEEET!

I was taught when there's somethin' you can change around
Keep quiet, you got nothin' to complain about
You got work to do, I don't know if that work for you
But thats how Mos work it through
And my work is personal, I'm a workin person
I put in work, I work with purpose
I get it there, on the water, air, the surface
You feel the impact? Niggaz yeah it's workin
Listen God did not make me a fearful person
The only fear I have, Is my failure to adhear his path...
The bold parts are what really have been playing through my mind. I dont know if it inspires you to be less fearful of the things in your life, but I hope it reminds you that you can conquer anything with strength, faith, and a strong sense of purpose. And humor. humor is very important. Bionic Ninja monkeys don't hurt either.

(ps. Did I mention the Mind Bullets? That kill yaks 1000 yards away? Cant stress those enough...)

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Queue said...

I am so very glad that you are happy today. Your mom coming back is truly great great news.