Monday, August 14, 2006

Poisonous paragraphs...

Good Monday to you, gentle reader.

I know, I know. In the great words of Timbaland, "Its been a long time. I shouldn't have left you without a dope beat to step to. Step To. STEP TO! (wicky-wicky) Step to."

Crap. That just doesnt print well, does it? Well, here's my update so far plus a couple of things.

Sometimes the right thing to do still hurts.
I took my mother to a Nursing home Friday. I hated to do it, but there was no alternative. You see, the friendly hospital released her on Friday at noon (they called me at 11:30 to tell me this) and expected her to be picked up. But, even as I was arranging to get time off to pick her up and take, the Nurse was telling me, in a strict, almost belligerent tone that, 'Your mother needs 24 hour healthcare supervision. She cant be left alone because she cant walk." Um. Well, thats why we took her to the hospital. Turns out my mother's doctor released her. So my aunt called a Nursing home where my Grandmother is at, and through the Grace of God, they had a bed free and accepted her. I dont know what I would've done if they didnt take her though. She didnt want to go. She really didnt, but I think, in the end, she knew that for her to get better, she had to have help, the kind of help neither me nor my aunt can provide. The good news is she's doing better, she's eating and shes getting healthy. But there is something torturing her, behind her eyes, back in the dark recesses of her mind where all the memories that haunt her reside. THAT demon will have to be fought somehow, before she can truly be healthy and HAPPY again. I'd like to see my mother happy. Thats something I dont remember ever seeing. I mean the kind of happy where you are smiling and laughing at noticing the little things in life that bring you small moments of joy. I can't remember a time where my mother was like that.

Moving Furniture and stuff...
So on Saturday, I helped Grandma clear her bedroom of furniture she didnt want (which somehow made it to MY house) or furniture she still wanted but truthfully will probably never use (which I took to Raquita's moms house where she stays). It wasnt necessarily hard work but it was tiring and I was a stinky, sweaty mess by the time I was done. That pretty much ended my weekend in salt and grime an d exhaustion.

I had more stuff I wanted to post about, like my friend breaking up with his Girlfriend of 2+ years, and the awesome present my boy Gikinmaro brought back for me from NYC, or a host of other things. But Im not gonna, mostly because I forgot what I was going to say.

So Imma Kick the Dueces (KICKEM!)
And Im out.

Out (But you knew that didnt you)
ps. I promise I'll post more interesting stuff later. Just trying to stay awake now.

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Dwight The Troubled Teen said...

Shit, Benticore. I'm sorry about your mom. I can't imagine how hard that must be.