Thursday, August 03, 2006

Starwars Robot Chicken

Thats TOTALLY what I would have said to Vader too...just watch and bear witness to the impeccable hilarity that is Robot Chicken



Dwight The Troubled Teen said...

My buddies and I laughed ourselves into the floor when that epi came out. We must have watched it on TiVo one hundred times.

John Di Magio's voice work on Palpatine is in-frickin'-credible.

Robot Chicken is hit-and-miss, but that skit was out of the park. A classic that will endure fer sure.

Aeshema the Fury said...

See, I never saw this clip before so when a friend pointed it to me and I saw it, I HAD to throw it up on the ol' bloggo. Between this, the Voltron/You got Served sketch and the Snuffles the Laundry Bear Sketch, this might actually beat it out. It is definately hit or miss, but sometimes, you get a gem.

Sherri said...

Hi Benticore. My connection's too slow to watch your little movie (pout).

Do you have any short stories you want critiqued? We can trade, when I finish mine.

Carolie said...

Thank you, thank you! My husband and I are stationed in Japan, and the "Armed Forces Network" doesn't seem to want to give us Robot Chicken. I've been in withdrawal!