Monday, June 20, 2005

It's been a long time...I shudna left you...with out a dope beat to step to...

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So, I think I like the bolded intro-style of blogs, so you know whats coming.  That way I can use funny quotes and what not to introduce a topic and you'll think Im witty and charming and intelligent and not just being a prat (Sorry, too much Harry Potter lately...but more on that later.)  Anyways, theres a lot I have to say so we might as well get started.  Once I get to know my blog a little better, there will be more links and pictures and what not.  But again, that might be a minute...what with the wedding and Camille's B-Day Coming up....which leads us right into...
Local Man dons Bear suit for Children Party and is attacked en masse.
Camille's 1st B-day is this weekend and as you may or may not know, her favorite show is Bear in the Big Blue house.  So My fiance gets this great Idea to rent a Bear in the Big Blue House costume and guess who's wearing it?  Thats right.  Im gonna be shaking and jivin' and dancin' to the tunes and trying not to melt in the suit.  It'll be in GiGi (My Mother in Law)'s big back yard and full of little kids.  It should be a great time.  Either Cammy will laugh and think it's hilarious or she'll freak out and scream in fear....I'd say the odds are 50/50.
You've got a lil something on your
So, yesterday Camille fell and busted her lip pretty bad.  I picked her up and cleaned her up but not before I got a lot of her blood on my shirt.  There is nothing more heart wrenching that seeing your baby cry while she bleeds on you.  She stopped crying a few minutes later and we gave her ice to chew on (she loves ice)  So, she was okay and I breathed a sigh of relief.  This morning, while Im at work, I start to think about my shirt and wondering if the blood will come out.  Then I thought back to the last time Cammy busted her lip and realized, with a growing sense of horror that I was wearing the same shirt.  In fact, I hadn't worn the shirt since. 

.  So I've worn this shirt twice and both times I ended up with the blood of my first born on it.   Yeah time to toss the shirt…


I just finished this but it was supposed to be posted several days ago…so get ready for the time warp!


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