Monday, June 13, 2005

My Skull is going to implode...

Waking up today I discovered the most vile of creatures had decided to take residence inside my brain. The headahce monster. I grind my teeth at night sometimes and it gives me splitting headaches in the morning. Like migraines. So awful...
Anyways, saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith on saturday night with the missus. Not a bad little film. Depends on what you were expecting when you went into it. If you thought that the movie would be a lot of high action, high tension, deep plotting affair, then you'd be pretty dissappointed. Dont get me wrong, there was action. At times high action. But the whole movie, despite the two main characters killing all these people, had a very light feel to it. Really, the movie is about a relationship between two people who just happen to kill eachother for a living. Not a bad date movie because of all their funny bickering while reloading that silenced baretta or combat shotgun. It was enjoyable though.
Not much else to report. My boy is safe and sound in Japan and has already completed his first day of employment, although I think all they did was tell him where he was going to work. He does training this week I believe. He's not the most reliable one when it comes to communication so if we get a blog post a week from him, I should say we consider ourselves lucky and move on. Well, thats all for now...Im going to go crawl into a corner and die. Love ya!


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Blu said...

Mmmmm....Excedrin Migraine is sometimes my best friend. Wish I had stock in it. Hey wait....*light bulb over head*