Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Were singin in the rain...

So...Im at the baseball game with my friend J and of
course its raining. Weve been here for about 45
minutes so far and the rain doesnt seem to be
stopping. J got these tickets from a friend for free;
were in the nosebleed section of the stadium behind
home plate. J has some of the Worst luck of any human
being Ive ever known. It just seems like badstuff just
keeps happening to him. But, and this is a testament
to his spirit, he keeps moving and chuggin and fightin
and still has time to kiss my daughter and hug my
fiance. He is her best friend and is a good one at
that. I just pray for him as he walks through his life
and I know God walks with him.
So this was just a mini blog fro, the cellphone to
say hi. Hope your night is drier than mine!

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