Thursday, July 21, 2005

Help me help me help me...

The dreams that define us...
So most of you may or may not know that Im writing a book.  I would like a little help from you, the multitudes of my faithful readers (look ma! no Sarcasm!) who every night lay your heads upon your pillows and enter the sacred lands of dream.  If you could:
1) What is the best dream you remember?
2) What is the worst dream you remember?
3) What is the most common theme and setting of your dreams?
4) What do you wish you could dream about the most?
If you all could answer those questions it will help me immensely...thanks...

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CousinSarah said...

Best Dream-was also a bad dream, I am a sexual assualt survivor, and like most, I periodically have a great deal of nightmares about being chased or a violent encounter. During a particularly hard time, I was having the dreams very frequently, my best friend at the time came into my dream like a fog figure and hovered above me and all of the sudden, the fear and action occuring in my dream dissappated. And it slowed down the cycle of nightmares for a while. That is the dream that has had one of the greatest impacts in my life. Another good dream that is more fun and less serious was one where I was having a FABULOUS encounter with a famous person I will not name...and it was one of those dreams where you wake up and it takes you a minute to figure how it wasnt reality. That was a NIIICE one.

Worst Dreams are the kind mentioned above. These are also equal to a few scary dreams I have had about J (my son) being missing...all this stuff on the news lately really got to me and it came up in a dream. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have your child missing as a parent, it is beyond a type of pain I can fathom...those were my worst dreams.

What do I wish I could dream about more--answers. I wish I could work out stresses or questions through my dreams more. I have a few friends who do it and I would love to be able to dream that way.