Monday, July 25, 2005

When I say Big-top, you say Circus!

This past weekend I took Cammy to the UniverSOUL Circus up in North County and MAN, she had a BLAST!  She danced and sang and screamed and laughed and pointed and was just cutting up.  She was trying to look everywhere to see all the stuff that was going on.  I also had a great time too.  Raquita managed to take a few pictures of Cammy (even though cameras weren't allowed) but we havent seen them yet.  Oh and it was 101 on sunday.  So hot here, I thought I saw the devil talking to a real estate agent about selling hell and moving here.  It's supposed to get to 103 today though, with a heat index around 120.  THAT is rediculous.  But then Wednesday's high is supposed to be 78 or something, so cooler air will be with us soon.
We are Family...I got all my sisters and me....
Well, I dont know if my sister will be coming, but the Henderson Family reunion is right around the corner and we still gotta secure our hotel, our tickets having been paid for by US Air (via the vouchers we got for volunteering our seats in Jamaica).  I'm pretty excited to see all my relatives and to try and bridge the gap between me and my father and the rest of the family that has lain...err....unbridged, for years now.  Plus I get to introduce Camille to all her cousins and aunts and what not on MY side of the family.  And Raquita is working on a Henderson-Jones family website that is going to be OFF THE CHISEL!!!  It's gonna have a monthly newsletter, a calander, a Web forum, a yellow pages, all kinds of great stuff.  I love her for even trying, much less succeeding.  She is such an amazing woman...why dont we all just give Raquita a big round of applause....great!  What I need to do is get off my lazy butt and learn some HTML and what not so that I can actually help her make the website instead of peer over her shoulder and say stupid things like 'Can we have a page that has like poker and chess so that we can win money off family members?  But Chess with 3d graphics and a bear with a machine gun?'  Okay I dont say things THAT stupid but they might as well be, for the looks she gives me.  I love her anways!  Kisses, smookums! =0)
Thats all for now...prolly wont be nearly as prolific a day as last week.


NDVDUAL said...

I, too, had the opportunity the witness the UniverSOUL circus! It was extraordinary! Everyone, kid and parents should see this show. I think I say it in 2002, and was amazed. And the music was nostalgic! Is there a soundtrack,should be

NDVDUAL said...

btw: Who, or what is Aeshemafury?