Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Silent Treatment

Why have I forsaken thee?  Honestly, it's because I've been too lazy and too busy to write.  Take both of those excuses and mix them up to whatever percentage works for you and go with that, I really dont care.
Do I have a lot to report?  Of course, but since NOBODY reads this, I dont really feel too much urgency in reporting things in a timely manner.
Circus this weekend though, and Poker night so it should be an active weekend.  Family reunion in a few weeks in LA, which should be equally exciting.
But what about my wedding you ask?  I've got a ton of thoughts on that and the whole trip but I havent yet formed them up correctly for written communication so you shall continue to wait for that.
Question of the day: If you could give on trait to the person you love the most, what would it be?


Pariah said...

I can only give them 1 trait?! I'm going to need to purchase a different Build-A-Mate kit. If I can only control 1 thing it would be honesty. If I always know where I stand then I know what I have to work with. Too much intrigue finds its way into relationships these days.

Queue said...

If I could give my mate one trait it would be to give him endless pits of driveand focus (i.e remove the ADHD) so he could write his novel adn make us rich!!! but since I can't - I will do one better - I will support hima nd help him focus despite the ADHD and write the novel and make us rich - so there ADHD you will not WIN!!

CousinSarah said...

Passion, my man dreams so big, but sometimes allows his indecision about the what is the right way to keep him from moving forward. I would hope for the flame of passion to light under him and move his heart.

Daimushi said...

Nobody reads this? This blog is like my daily Henderson newspaper, but the reporters never write. I come and look almost day, and everyday I go away crushed like a puppydog who's favorite family member never comes home...