Thursday, July 21, 2005

Quick Hit between the eyes...

Question of the Day:  Is the Bush Administrations policy of only funding Aids prevention groups that preach abstinance only the sign of a well meaning but Naive government trying to help in a moral way, a cold government appealing in a new way to it's conservative religious base, or a diabolical regime inacting a long range plan of depopulating Africa for exploitation of it's natural resources? DISCUSS



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Anonymous said...

Hi, Jerry. My name is Kennethia and I met you last year circa a poetry slam. I was with Tonya and we had stopped by your apartment. I thought so then and today that I am so proud to see Black Love ascend to the pinnacle of it's own existence. Congratulations on your marriage and on finding each other. May God bless your union and that beautiful baby the two of you share. Now, here's a point to ponder. Plantar Facitis, like any other Nazi, can be dealt with without the use of chemical medication. Chemical medication is used to treat symptoms, not causitive factors. Note that you recognize a difference in the degree of relief from the time you first recieved the hellish injection, to now. As time marches on all of the medication will wane. Medication is a temporary solution to long-term health concerns and meant to cause dependency on the relief of the dis-ease they are supposed to affect. Solution: Find health enhancing herbs by way of an herbalist. Sometimes issues with certain parts of the body are indicators of a bigger health issue. With the feet, there is an inherent connection to and indicator of diabetes. This is not to say that you may have the disease, but it is not uncommon to have a misdiagnosis only to later find out that a condition is out of control. This helps to fuel the pharmaceutical industry, which is supported by who else, doctors. I am a massage therapist and have experienced a bout with plantar fascitis and occasionally deal with it till this day (I don't stretch like I should). It lessens in degree of discomfort over time and with treatment (mostly stretching)but again, the treatment seems to be permanent by degree. And the possibility to progress to a point of having no futher symptoms,(thus actually solving the problem) is well worth finding yourself a good therapist who not only works on you, but shows you how to work toward an end to the pain between sessions. I hope you find some relief cause I feel your pain literally.