Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Terry Tate the Office Linebacker - The Office Linebacker

Oh...I just figured out how to embed the video! Welcome me to five minutes ago! *smacks forehead*



CousinSarah said...

Shit, wish I coulda done that shit in my old job. lol

Dwight The Troubled Teen said...

Damn, Benticore!

I saw the vid title a couple days ago, but I didn't play it. I remembered seeing (and loving) the commercial spot the one time I saw it, but that was just 30 seconds. I never saw the whole thing before.

Thanks, Man!

The Practical Vampire Slayer said...

Just catching up with your blog, my friend, and this is HILARIOUS -- I've never heard of this, never seen it. My husband's going to LOVE it.