Thursday, July 27, 2006

A random list...

Hey all,


I was engaged in a conversation whilst listening to Yahoo Radio (which is a pretty cool free streaming music service that's a nice way to drown out your co-workers) and decided that I have a pretty interesting mix of songs that I like so I figured I'd post my top 20 favorite songs of all time, in the hopes that others would post theirs so that I might learn a little about the other person that comes and reads my blog (Hi Achilleus!)  Here it is in no particular order.


  1. Korn - Freak On a Leash:  What can you say about this song?  For a time at WashU I really liked Korn.  Well, I liked this album, and this song was kind of it's title track, wasn't it?  Couple that with a video that featured a bullet flying through all kinds of things and animation done by McFarlane (of Spawn fame) and I was hooked.
  2. Lauryn Hill - I used to Love Him: There is something about this song that calls to me.  For the life of me, I still don't listen to the actual lyrics.  The chorus in the background, the men and women humming behind the melody, just makes my spine shiver.  There is something old, and dark, and wonderful about it that makes this song just vibrate for me.  Mary J complaining about some man?  Surprise Surprise!
  3. Louis Armstrong = A kiss to build a dream on: Another classic.  It's ethereal, sweet, and timeless.  And it's a big black man talking about kissing and dreams.  Sounds like Me!
  4. George Clinton = Atomic Dog: This is one of my all time favorite P-Funk songs.  I was about to enter puberty when I heard this song for the first time, and when I figured out they weren't actually talking about dogs and cats, I felt like I had cracked some kind of sexual code.  PLUS it had a video with video games and cartoon dogs in it! SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!
  5. Alice In Chains = Rooster: Just a great, classic song for me.  Back in highschool, this song seemed to be such a statement about war and pain.  Then I figured out how to play it in the background while playing Fallout Tactics, and I will now forever think of slaying trolls with a machine gun when I hear this song....ahh, good times.
  6. Rob Base = It Takes Two: Rob Base! Classic Track!  He disappeared after this and Joy and Pain.  I remember listening to this song in summer camp when I was in like 7th grade or so, and thinking it was the greatest thing ever.  EVER.  I still get all jumpy when I hear it.
  7. D'Angelo = Cruisin': A remake of an old song that I personally will always remember as connected with my freshman year in college.  Still makes me smile.
  8. George Benson = On Broadway: George Benson totally owns this song.  I don't want to hear anybody else sing it.  Everytime I hear it, it makes me want to sing out loud, and annoy anybody who passes by.  Just a wonderful wonderful song.
  9. Black Star Featuring Mos Def and Talib Kweli = Thieves in the Night: There are some of my all time favorite rap lyrics in this song.  The melody haunts me everytime I hear it, and I love how Mos ends his verse by saying 'I'm trying to live my life in the sight of God's memory.'  One of my favorite hip-hop tracks.  Ever.
  10.  India Arie = Brown Skin: This song is a great tribute to her love for black men.  Not them light-skinned dudes who get all the love.  But us dark brothers.  Like me.  I don't know about you, but when I hear this song, I FEEL sexy....uhm...forget I said that...
  11.  Miles Davis = Kind of Blue: I know that's not a song, but a collection.  But I never listen to one song, but the whole damn thing, so all the tracks flow together as a movement, and a mood.  I'ts very hard for me to separate them so I wont.  Besides, this is MY list, Punk! BAG BACK!!
  12. Andre 3000 = She lives in my Lap:  While not technically rap, this rock/funk/whoknows song just has the right elements to make me listen every time: Strange background elements, interesting vocals, an artist going a completely new direction, and Rosario Dawson.  You cant Lose with that combination.  Remember when Outkast first came out with SouthernplayalisticCadillacfunkymusic?  Contrast that with ATLiens and with The Love Below/Speakerboxx.  Its just a trip how far people can move.
  13. Eric B & Rakim = I aint no joke: This is one the greatest classic hip hop tracks of all time.  I mean, I've loved this song since I knew what hip hop was.
  14. Red Hot Chili Peppers = Breaking the Girl:  My favorite track on one of the most influential records of my life.  This album defined my middle-school life and this track defined the album.  Just classic for me.  Also, who doesn't love flutes and shit in the background.  I need some flutes harmonizing on the minor key when Im talking.  Seriously.  Somebody needs to make this happen.
  15. Anoushka Shankar = Solea:  You have to hear the track. The daughter of Ravi Shankar and the sister of Nora Jones, this chick is beautiful and Talented, and she wields the sitar like a sword or a paintbrush, depending on the piece.  Here, I think she does both, and the rhythmic drumming in the background is something I've loved ever since I feel in love with Bolero all those years ago.  Simple? Maybe.  But it strikes the deep chord with me.
  16. Maxwell = For Lovers only: There are some wonderful, PRIVATE memories associated with this song.  That's all Imma say.
  17. Blackalicious = Chemical Calisthenics: The ultimate super nerd/rap song.  He's talking about Chemicals to refer to his rapping prowess.  I love this song so much it hurts sometimes.
  18. Common Feat. Mary J. Blige = Come Close: This is just a sweet, soft, soulful song, that I loved the minute I heard it.  It's a great summer song and it shows that rap doesn't have to be all bitches and hoes.  It can be 'I love that hoe-bitch' too!
  19. Gollums Song by Emil Toriana: This is from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and plays at the end of the movie.  I know, its sappy to do a movie song, but this one is so haunting and lovely for me.  Especially the lyrics.  'You are lost.  You can never go home.'  Just wonderful.  Hey, I can have my Emo moments! 
  20. O Brother Where art though Sountrack = Man of Constant Sorrows: When Oh Brother came out, I fell in love with Bluegrass music.  Not so much all the stuff they play now, but some of the old, haunting stuff that you can find on some lps and what not.  The movie itself was so wonderful, that me, Adam and Tambora absolutely loved the song.  While this song should be the official ringtone for Joe, the man of woe, it still makes me smile to hear it.  It's a toe tapper, for sure, and Im not just telling tales outta school.


That's it for now. The weekend fast approaches and none too soon. Can you believe it's August already?





CousinSarah said...

I aint no joke, You know you got soul, Lyrics is fury, Move the crowd. WHOO HOOO...that is RIGHT.

I loved the o brother where art thou soundtrack too. :) Liked the movie almost as much! My folks, mostly dad, listen to bluegrass. its funny I can hardly country music...but good blue grass is the BOMB. lol

Daimushi said...

HEY, I read, your blog, I just don't leave comments. Untill now. 'cause this is a comment, and umm...

G said...

Nice. 3, 6, and 20 I am totally with you (and the add in) Good stuff. When I read #3, I just heard that smokey gorgeous voice singing the melody in my head. Ahhh Louie!

Copasetic Soul said...

you got pretty good taste in music but i cant believe you dont have ONE Prince song up there....

Atomic Dog did have a fiyhah video!