Thursday, July 27, 2006

I forgot one!

OH CRAP! Stop the Presses! There's a late entry!

  • Al. B Sure = Nite and Day: When this song came out, I was at a time in my life when I absolutely hated HATED R&B.  It drove me nuts.  But I heard this song and...well...I still hated R&B.  But I love this song.  It's cheesy, its sappy, its super-dated.  But I love it.  I used to imagine me and my friends being in a band singing this song.  Um...forget I said that.




(When you and I were one....*mmmm gurl*...)


Queue said...

you are offically stoopid for posting mmmmm Gurllll in your blog. moments like there remind me why I married your crazy butt!!

Copasetic Soul said...

ummm, weren't you like 5 when this song came out?

how could you hate r&b at that time? the new jack swing was in effect, mike wasn't all the way white yet and prince still liked paisley!! omg...and the one hit wonders where everywhere!! plus, the music wasn't the just had water shyt on the radio today!

where is those pictures of me with my box cut!j