Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Clarion Call of Justice...passes me by...

Hey Akilles,


Remember the convo we just had (I say we cause nobody else participated in it but you) about the Superhero thing?  Well, check this out!  Apparently, the Sci-Fi channel, in conjunction with Stan  'I want to buy a new house so I'm whoring out my cash-cow again' Lee is doing a superhero Reality show.




They made up their own super heroes, with their own costumes and powers and 11 were chosen to go on this reality tv show like a mix between Big Brother and The Reject House of Doom Surreal Life.  But with super powers.


So unfair.  I was MADE for this show.  The Negromancer?  HOW BADASS WOULD I BE!?!  I could test the theory of whether or not America is ready for a big black man in a speedo and an afro wig Black Villain.


The show is called Who Wants to Be a Superhero and it has simultaneously made and ruined my day in one powerful strike.


I don't know whether to laugh or to cry, but I'll definitely watch.  I mean, one of them is called Fat Mama, who happens to be....wait for it....a Fat Black Woman...Again...laugh or cry?


Anyway, The Negromancer would TOTALLY PWN them ALL! No doubt.


Of course, the Negromancer's weakness are his inability to focus on any task for longer than 10 minutes (the dreaded ADD) so maybe not.  But I still would totally rock and stuff... without a doubt I'd be the - OH LOOK! A DUCK!


I like ducks






Queue said...

oh now you like ducks? when did that happen? I thought you only like them as a number 164 in special wine sauce at Mi lee's?

Akilles said...

that would have been great.

I'm all for Negromancer! If you can't get back on CoH/CoV we'll make him together and get him out there.

eek. The line up looks bleak. Look forward to these guys f*^&ing up Silver Surfer in the next Fan4 movie.

BUT - they may have a winner with J Wheadon (the Firefly/Serenity dude) making Wonder Woman.


Aeshema the Fury said...

OMG WONDER WOMAN?!?! BY WHEDON!? That would be the best, snarkiest movie ever. I wonder whos playing wonder woman? I'll have to investigate!


Akilles said...

i tried getting into the City of Villians thing but i'm finding it hard to be a bad guy. maybe I just need to get further thru heroes first.

OH - you can so use YouTube to get goofy short clips from you fav superhero shows from when we were kids, like WW, Captain America, etc.

Akilles said...

Almost forgot - incase you don't know about it (tho I hope you do) this is a link to a SF podcast site. Every week a new SF story is read and available for download/listening. They also pay for story submissions.

Hint Hint

have fun going through the archives - I did