Friday, July 28, 2006

The coolest cats in town!

I just discovered this comic and I HAD to put a link up to it. It's cats, guns, 1920s prohibition , set in STL and drawn by a local STL artist whose got more talent than you can shake two sticks at (not just one stick, we've upgraded!). It's called Lackadaisy and here's a pic of it just to give you an idea of what we're talking about. By all means hit her site up and bask in some of her art work. It really is good.



Daimushi said...

Fuc*ing AWESOME!! Cats, the Lou, Gangsterish hoodlum behavior all while snappily dressed? AND alchohol? I'm in love. I like freckles and the Irish-catholic grandma cat the best.

So Jaded said...

I saw you comment on TWC and loved the comment. I followed the link to your blog. STL!! WOO! I am also a St. Louis Blogger. Are you a member of the local blogger portal? Go join! It will bring a lot of locals to your site. Alright, just wanted to say hi!

Aeshema the Fury said...

Local blogger portal? Whats this you say? Hmmm...this warrants an investigation! Jeeves! Ready my car. I sense the blogosphere is in need of my presence... Jaded?...hell yeah I'll check that out!

Dwight The Troubled Teen said...

So who is the artist?

Copasetic Soul said...

thanks for the always lookin for something new to read since the Boondooks went on hiatus!

Dwight The Troubled Teen said...

Your profile overlaps a lot of my faves and interests.

Which leads me to temp obscurity and ask if you ever read/collected any of the old "Omaha the Cat Dancer" titles?

Benticore said...

I never read Omaha. I had to look it up on wiki to find out who it was...which lead me to discover that apparently there is a whole world of Furry out there that I was not aware existed. I mean, yeah, I knew there were furry animal comics out there. Thats a natural right? Cute, fuzzy, able to wield a sword or a machine gun because the gots the thumbs-opposable and all. But I was unaware that there was a Fetish to go with it. That makes it officially cool in my book.

I keep thinking of the Robot Chikin with the guy and the Fluffy Bear in the laundry commercial. Hmmm maybe I can find and link that one. Hilarious, Disturbing, and Thought-provoking! A triple threat!

(The Omaha led me to Shanda the Panda, which lead to all sorts of weird things...I laughed...then I ran back to my safe little corner of the internets)