Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dude, where's my car? Plus other news...

So after my triumphant triumph (Here-here for reptitive redundancy!) of the washing machine (the one for clothes, not the one for dishes), I thought I was the hot shit...i put the MF in front of my name and erethang...but lo, I was soon to be punished by the gods for my hubris; the brakes and rotors on the car failed sunday.  Yes, I was the recipient of many a dirty look and exaggerated eye roll.  Take heart, dear reader, for I took them with the stoicism of a Man who has done wrong but has not yet realized.  Basically my love, my queen had been asking me to take the car in to get the brakes done for months.  But did I listen gentle reader? As my dearest would not hesitate to exclaim loudly to you, I did not.  Pity.

Well, two days later and $380 dollars lighter, our brakes are fixed.  Let's not mention the fact that the car still sounds like a dying wildebeast.

Also...pictured in the post is a new tea Mí Miélita purchased for me at our local herbologist.  Its called Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls...it LOOKS like the little pods that gremlins pop out of when you feed a mogwai after midnight...but I'm still gonna drink it!

I am reposting this because Im not sure it got through the Cingular Branded Ether to my blog.  Also I'm in a great mood, even though I have taken notice that not a one of you have requested a sampler of my Lion & Spear Prologue.  Wounded but undaunted, I shall continue to forge ahead, blazing the trail for other african-american science fiction authors with daughters who would be named for the main character if not for the Interventionary efforts of their significant other's family.  Wow, now THATS a long  title!  I guess thats the  A.A.S.F.A.D....um....nope, I lost it

Ex-MF. Benticore

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