Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Maybe one day...

         I'll be Mr. Fixit.  Last night Super Joe came over and we deconstructed our broken washing machine.  If I had been thinking fast, I would have taken pictures but I still can tonite.  I mean, its not as if we put the thing back together again!  I learned a lot actually, Joe being very helpful in explaining all the gadgets and switches we found inside the washer's rusted carcass.  Actually, there weren't many switches or gadgets at all, to my surprise.  Just a pressure switch, some hoses, a bunch of wires, the motor and the tub and agitator.  But It made me understand a very simply, basic, Do-It-Yourself Principle: Most things are a lot easier to fix than we are led to believe.  I'm sure many households (Us included) when confronted with a broken washing machine would just throw the thing out and buy a new one.  After all, it's old!  Why fix it?  We live in America, the land of The Next New Thing.  It's as much a part of our culture to replace barely broken old things with shiny new things that don't work as well but look sleek and shiny as is Obesity, Political Apathy, and Hyper Violence as Entertainment.  Many people, me included, just don't understand how things work these days so when they break for whatever reason, we're forced to either pay outrageous prices to have them fixed or throw it away and buy a new one.  Couple that with the fact that many manufacturers of goods are consciously reducing the quality of products so that a customer is forced to buy new ones in shorter spans....yeah.  But I digress.  It also helps that we have friends who have the hook up when it comes to these things so instead of costing me $$$$ to fix the washer or $$$$ to buy a new one, It'll cost me $55 bucks and some elbow grease.  But the knowledge I gain from doing it myself is priceless.  If You're already a Do-It-Yourselfer and live by these creeds and think I'm late on it, then..well....leave me alone!  I'm just learning this stuff.


         Can you tell me how to get, how to get to...

         Sesame Street.  Well I took my family there, and despite rumors of 7 foot tall pigeons and trash-can dwelling ill-tempered monsters, we had a good time.  Thanks to the tireless efforts of Raquita, we got some of the best seats in the house and Cammy was able to touch or get hugged by every single character in the show.  Except for this crazy lady named Kay.  She sang and danced with the Muppets but was a bit overenthusiastic about the whole thing, as if she was trying to make the show feel like a real Broadway show and not believe that her stage career was over before it started.  But I digress.  The show was fun and we got free popcorn and Cammy seemed to really enjoy herself, which was the point.


         Off the Donkey

         You heard it HERE first, folks...the phrase that pays.  Off the off the chain, but even more so!  We put barnyard animals up in Our shit, yo! It's THAT dope.  When you start hearing it on the radio and on TV, remember, yours truly coined it and helped to spread it like peanut butter, or the clap.


         The Hero with a 1000 faces by Joseph Campbell

         Im really interested in reading this book every since I talked to Gikinmaro who spoke at length to me about it.  Basically (very very basically) Campbell says that most myths and legends and religions center around a basic hero story, which is almost universally similar in structure and meaning.  He brings up some really interesting examples and conclusions and I cant wait to read it.  If any of you have happened to peruse this tome and have an opinion on it, please, let me know.


         That's all for now.  I have more to say but I cant remember it right now.




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