Saturday, January 14, 2006

Freed from the silly constraints...

Oh, pick one! Logic, reason, decency, good taste, sanity...the list could go on. All are good choices. But I'd say that'FUCKING WORK' is what I'm free of today. I just finished my project and have sat myself down at the local purveyor of hispano-american foodstuffs for a congratulatory margherita. I deserve it because I rock, and the project looks sweet.

So here's to kickin ass, takin names, best friends in japan, and wives that understand!

I'm gone till monday or sobriety, whichever curses me first.


Daimushi said...

Yes! Project is done! Bring on the attack girls and dancing bears!

Queue said...

ummm.. you could very well.... POST DANG IT!!

lub the wifey

like I don't talk to you E'RY DAY! I WANT EVEN MORE of your mind... scary I know.