Thursday, January 12, 2006


Okay, so it's 11:14pm on a Thursday night, I just got home from another 15 hour day at work (project is due out on Friday the 13th and there's a full moon....good thing I dont believe in that crap.) and I'm eating some Kim Chee and eggs I just cooked up.  The Kim Chee?  Mai Lee, the best Vietnamese restaurant in the STL.  The eggs?  The Benticore special. Whats that?  Well, crack two eggs in a bowl.  Stir.  Drop into a hot skillet.  Dont let em burn.  Take em out.

Why did I need to talk about it?  Cause I've been high of Tea (yesterday I ingested around 170 cups of tea, most of which was caffiene heavy) and at the point of exhaustion and I never got to say hello to 2006 in a proper way.  So...there it is.

Will there be more later?  Perhaps.  Most likely.
But I'm about to go find my wife and remind her why having Benticore hopped up on Tea and Kimchee isn't a good thing if you want to sleep near him.


(fading) Out

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